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Family Budget Box

Family Budget Box


This Family Budget Box has all the essentials to provide a healthy and nutrient-dense protein source for your family. All of our products are pasture-raised, all natural without added hormones or antibiotics.



This box includes:


Angus Beef

Beef Minute Steaks (1.5lbs)

3 pkgs Ground Beef (3lbs)

1 pkg Beef Patties (1lb)

1 pkg All Beef Hot Dogs (1lb)


Berkshire Pork

1 pkg All Natural – Hickory Smoked Bacon (12oz)

2 Bone-In Pork Chops (1.5+lbs)

2 pkgs Ground Pork (2lbs)

2 pkgs Pork Sausage -assorted flavors (2lbs)


Pasture-raised Chicken

1 whole chicken (3lbs)

1 pkg chicken wings (2.5lbs)


averages around 18 lbs of meat

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