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Ground Pork Sausage (assorted flavors)

Ground Pork Sausage (assorted flavors)

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Our ground Berkshire pork sausage is one of our top sellers. Below is a list of the flavors.


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Sweet Italian Sausage

Maple Sausage

Bacon Sausage

Breakfast Sausage

Zesty Breakfast Sausage


Our Sweet Italian sausage is something special. It starts with our Berkshire pork and then is infused with the classical spices that our butcher has perfected to make up the classic flavor profile. It is infused with Fennel, black pepper, garlic powder and paprika to keep it all natural and out a smile on your face. The traditional hot and sweet tastes are a favorite among our customers and we know you will agree.


Breakfast is not complete without some Maple Berkshire sausage! Form into your own patties or mix into your scrambled eggs for a hearty and healthy breakfast. A personal favorite we know this won’t disappoint.


Bacon Sausage. If you love bacon and you love sausage, you’ll love this! This is our best-selling sausage! We stuff as much Hickory Smoked BACON into every package to make this your favorite breakfast sausage of all time. And as always, all natural, no nitrates, nitrites, no MSG, no preservatives, no antibiotics. Just all the loaded flavors of our Berkshire pork!


Our Berkshire Breakfast Sausage is seasoned just right with the perfect blend to put a smile on your face. It is mildly flavored for versatility. Add his to your gravy and pour over fresh biscuits, form it into your own delicious sausage patty or into your favorite meatball, meatloaf or hamburger recipe.


Let your taste buds experience the fantastic blend of our Berkshire Zesty ground sausage. Add a bit of pop to your breakfast recipes that is sure to please.


All vacuum packed in 1 lb. bricks for your convenience.

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