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Pork  Bratwurst (assorted flavors)

Pork Bratwurst (assorted flavors)


Our Bratwurst is made from premium Berkshire Pork. It’s juicy, flavorful and downright awesome! Cook these links on the stovetop, or carry them out back for a tasty grill session.


Select Flavor from right tab:



The true classic German Bratwurst. Let the Berkshire flavor profile pack that punch! You will be pleased.


Beer Brats

Made with real beer from a local brewery and our 100% Berkshire pork. This combo is a match made in heaven.


Pepper Jack

This is one of our personal favorites and it’s packed full of all that gooey goodness for all you cheese lovers out there.



German Bratwurst meets cheddar cheese for this amazing combo that is just oozing cheese.


Each vacuumed packed package contains 5 bratwurst links weighing 1 lb.

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