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Texas Longhorn Lean Beef

Texas Longhorn Lean Beef


Red meat that has less fat and cholesterol than chicken and turkey? Yep, you read that right! Our premium grass-fed and finished Texas Longhorn beef is so healthy many leading doctors recommend it as heart healthy to patients who need to watch their cholesterol. In fact, on average our Longhorn beef contains 10% less saturated fat than that of other cattle. This means a person who is watching their cholesterol can still have Longhorn beef every meal in the right proportions! But it doesn’t end there, many body builders or dieters will benefit from this protein rich beef without the added fat.


We have been raising Texas Longhorn cattle for more than 16 years. While we do run a large herd of Angus cattle for our grass-fed Angus beef customers who prefer more fat, we have always maintained a select number of Texas Longhorns to offer what we believe to be the healthiest red meat on the market. This even beats out grass-fed Bison! More protein, less fat, less cholesterol and saturated fats!


When nature crafted the Texas Longhorn, the result was an efficient converter of forage into meat that is lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy fats. This is the true American Beef Breed that shaped the West.


  • There is not much shrinkage in Texas Longhorn beef! The cooked size is close to the same size you started with! You will not have to pour out grease after you finish cooking.


  • Remember Longhorn beef cooks quickly due to its lowfat content. Fat acts as an insulator so the heat must penetrate the fat before it begins to cook the meat. Therefore, the less fat, the quicker the cooking time. Be careful not to overcook it.


Vacuum packed in 1lb. packages for your convenience

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